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About Us

Hydrostatic Services was founded by fellow firefighters who saw the need to make hydro testing easier and faster.  By coming to your station we eliminate the hassle of taking a few cylinders, dropping them off, waiting days/weeks and the swapping out a few more.

Cylinders returned to service the same day.

 Hydrostatic Services is DOT certified as a mobile hydrostatic testing facility.  We have over 20 years of experience and are proud to serve you.  Please feel free to contact us with any questions or for a quote.  We have competitive pricing and strive to be the best.

Provide the cylinders and fresh water, we got the rest


We are able to test and return to service around 100 cylinders per day.  Saving your department money and helping keep much needed staff at the station, instead of hauling bottles to a fixed facility.

How It Works

SCBA Cylinders being hydro tested

Cylinders are emptied and then placed inside the trailer.

Visual inspection on site hydrostatic testing

Cylinders are visually inspected and then filled with water.  

Cylinders are placed into the test chamber and pressurized to DOT regulations.

Cylinders are then pressurized to DOT standards to challenge the structural integrity of the cylinder.

Cylinders are then drained and placed onto a dryer to ensure all moisture is removed.

Cylinders are then drained and placed on a dryer to ensure all moisture is removed from them

Cylinders are then marked by stamping or a sticker with epoxy to provide poof that they passed.

Valves are put back in with a new o-ring.  The Cylinder is then stamped or labeled with epoxy.  This provides proof of testing for DOT and NFPA.

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Hydrostatic Services

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